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OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Singapore

OKP Holdings is one of the leading civil engineering and infrastructure firms in Singapore. This is because they are the go-to specialists when it comes to the construction of vehicular bridges, urban roads, airport designs, and oil and gas construction projects. The experts affiliated with OKP Holdings are well-versed in all of the pros and cons of any particular project. They put their experience to work with every project they engage in.

OKP Holdings Real Estate Developer Singapore

This experience is evident in all of their petrochemical construction projects. They realize that you have to allow for many different standards when designing petrochemical plant construction projects. Items such as health and safety standards and general construction standards for these refineries must be followed at all times. A solid civil engineering firm such as OKP Holdings will also understand and allow for all potential petrochemical plant hazards when they do a construction project. Issues such as fire hazards, maintenance problems, and shutdown possibilities are all something that a stellar firm such as OKP Holdings will plan for.

OKP Holdings Singapore Property Development

OKP Holdings has also transferred these same quality standards to all of its other ventures. Activities such as property development and investment require a lot of expertise, and OKP Holdings continues to seek only the most competent experts to help them continue to be a leader in property development. The experts at OKP Holdings and their subsidiaries realize that this commitment to quality is not only another way to improve the lives of Singaporeans everywhere, but it is also great to uphold the message of the founder Or Kim Peow.

Rewards Given to OKP Holdings

Or Kim Peow established this company as a sole proprietorship in 1966, and it was his standards of quality that allowed the company to grow as immensely as it has. After they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2016, they had grown to the point where they had both public and private companies.

Some of their main clients are some big names that most Singaporeans would know. Companies such as JTC Corporation, the Public Utilities Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority, the Changi Airport Group, and even ExxonMobil! This also led to them being awarded the coveted contract for the land reclamation project on Jurong Island as well!
Along these same lines, OKP Holdings has won numerous awards, including the “Best Under a Billion” award form Forbes Asia. This award is only given to the top-200 out of the 13,000 publicly traded companies in Singapore. There is no question that OKP Holdings has a solid reputation!