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The Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development

Because the higher level of confidence shown in buying the plot of the Woodleigh Residences development, it is expected that the property will be a hot cake for many customers. The official pricing for the various units of the development have not been released but it is widely expected to be within the ranges that give customers value for their money.
As I had already mentioned, the project name is the Woodleigh Residences and the developer is Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development. The locational address of the development is Upper Serangoon Road in District 13.

The Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development

In terms of the Site area and Gross Floor area for the Woodleigh Residences development, it is 273,842 sqft and 957,187 sqft respectively. The number of blocks and storeys are yet to be known, pending advice. The numbers of units are just about 825.

Like all other sensible developments, the location of the Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development was a major factor considered by the investors and also the developers. Meaning the location for the Woodleigh Residences, which was chosen, offers the best conveniences and services to aid your happy stay in and within the area.
There are the Woodleigh Bus Interchange and Woodleigh MRT station for your transport needs. For shopping requirements there are the Next Shopping Mall, the Poiz Centre and the Venue Shoppes among other malls and shopping centers.

Tired of shopping? Want some rest in the park? Take a stroll or jog in Bidadari Park, along its awesome lake that portrays the beauty of the Bidadari estate. Listen to the singing birds, catch a glimpse of the hornbills and stay attuned with nature. Simply relax and catch yourself in this beautiful Bidadari Park. The developers have thought it all.

The Woodleigh Residences Singapore Press Holdings

For your family’s educational needs, there are a number of educational institutions available. Some of the institutions include Maris Stella High School (Both primary and Secondary), Cedar Primary and Secondary School and Stanford American International School.

The Woodleigh Residences site plan accommodates a number of facilities. Some of the facilities include; indoor gym, tennis court, children playground, swimming pool and BBQ. These facilities are meant for your comfy stay within the development.

Furthermore, the Woodleigh Residences overlook two important developments, that is the new Bidadari Estate and of course the Luxurious Woodleigh. Summing it up, an environment that is truly exclusive and tranquil awaits you.

The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development Woodleigh MRT Station

The Woodleigh Residences has a number of floor plans available for the various units to be built. The variation in the floor plans means you will be in a better position to cherry-pick the one which very well fits the needs of your family. The floor plans are for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units.

Additionally, the Woodleigh Residences has two different types of fronting; that is the Bartley Road facing and Upper Aljunied Road Facing. As is the common practice and a guideline, 6th floor units and above must get an unblocked view of the environs. Lastly, if you need to see the floor plans and further information regarding the units, that can be availed to you upon request.

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New Launch Project, Real Estate

Advertising Technology in Real Estate Condo in Singapore

It is a fact beyond any questioning that a huge section of the customers is spending a greater period of time in activities which involve digital communications. This phenomenon is ultimately influencing the financial plans of advertising companies to increase their spending on digital media. The complex infrastructure of the labyrinth that is interconnecting all the digital advertising companies producing and distributing ads to the consumers is surely astonishing. The term “Advertising Technology” or “Ad Tech” in short, is used to define such companies.

Advertising Technology in Real Estate Condo in Singapore

All such advertising associations act as transitional agencies that link between them advertising and publishing groups. They also provide additional value to the process of delivering ads to final consumers in several ways:
•Building up reservoir with itemization
•Mechanizing the flow of work
•Contributing to accurate target accomplishment, etc.
As a study conducted by Intelligence of Business Insider previewed, the amount of money spent on new innovations like automating the process of purchasing ads in digital advertising field in the US is rising rapidly. During the year of 2017, it reached US$20 Billion and might increase to top US$38.5 Billion by the year of 2020, as projected. There are many websites available for new condo launches in Singapore in areas such as the city area as well as Queenstown.

As we know, nothing is absolutely perfect. This uprising industry of digital advertising is not only improving and reaching new innovative levels of programmatic ad technology, it has certain defects as well. The ad tech associations of America is literally ruled by a couple of social media, Google and Facebook. Because of this ruling, each ad tech competitor is battling over obtaining a place of their own in this gigantic virtual world of digital media.

Digital Media Ad Technology in Singapore Properties

Another study result from the same source showed that the traditional way of advertising anything, whether it is a consumer’s product or organization, even educational institutes, and hospitals, etc. has been gradually shifting to this virtual media. Any particular advertisement is most probably getting more viewers than that which is published in TV or newspapers. The consumer-groups is spending more time on their phones than watching tv or reading newspaper, as everything is packed and piled up inside this small device known as a “Smartphone”. This is also the main reason behind the greater influence of various social media on controlling the ad tech industry. For Singapore new launches, there are many websites for Singapore Real estate projects available.

Internet Media Advertisements Technology for Singapore New Condo Launches

As assumed, in next few years, the following changes will be noticed in digital advertising industry due to on-going programmatic advertising technology that is consuming the big competitors of ad tech very quickly:
•The largest merchandise for ads will be mobile phones, especially smartphones, by the end of the current decade. •A relatively tiny bunch of ad techs will result in spending the major amount of money in digital ad buying process with Google and Facebook in the US
•There could be an opposite the, where several companies except for the present duo play that gaining maturity in the ad tech industry will be prompted for pulling off their investment out of the digital advertising field.
•In next few years, a large number of ad tech companies might leave the market as not being able to stand the battle
•The rapidly increasing portion of the digital media might be taking benefits of some particular forms of digital advertising such as videos, Tv-channels, and mostly cellphone companies, etc.
With no surprise, people are being attracted more and more towards the digital media. Anything that seeks the attention of consumers will sooner or later, attempt to obtain a space for themselves in that area. The Digital advertising business in the US is no exception and surely will undergo larger changes with newer forms of digital advertising by the year of 2020.

New Launch Project, Real Estate

Martin Modern Condo Guocoland Location

Martin Modern is a condo geographically situated in the prime district not far from Orchard in Singapore. The property is to be developed by GuocoLand, and the lease tenure of the property is for a period of 99 years. The property will contain 2 blocks, 30 stories, and 450 units after completion.

Why Martin Modern?

There are a whole lot of benefits to be enjoyed by the residents of Martin Condo, some of which include the following:

Great locations in Martin Modern Condo

The property is situated in the heart of CBD which is gradually becoming one of the most sought after locations in Singapore due to some iconic developments such as the upcoming Great World City MRT Station and the Fort Canning Station.

Close proximity to retail outlets

The property shares close proximity to exotic retail outlets where residents can visit to buy whatever they need.

Easy to connect other areas

Martin Condo is located in the heart of CBD where residents can easily connect to neighbouring cities and other parts of Singapore.

Public transport network Near to Martin Modern

The property is situated very close to the Great World City MRT Station, and with this, residents can have an easy access to public buses to move around.


The property is also located very close schools such as the River Valley Primary School, and a few others. With this, residents with little kids do not have to send their children to schools located far away.

Private space in Martin Modern Condo Guocoland

The property is designed in such a way that residents will have a relaxing landscape of their own where they and their families can enjoy nature at its best.

Posh restaurants in Robertson Quay

Martin Condo located right next to Robertson Quay where you will find posh restaurants that serve Western, Indian, and Thai cuisine.

All these and lots more are some of the reasons why Martin Modern by GuocoLand is the perfect place to be in Singapore for all kinds of families.

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