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Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

“Canninghill Piers from CDL is a free hold development located right in the center of Orchard Road, among the world’s most famous shopping districts near to Singapore River. The prime location is on Cuscaden Avenue and Tanglin Road, right by the Singapore River which is the former Liang Court. Be surrounded by a myriad of high-class shopping destinations and premium dining varieties, enjoy everything that Canninghill Piers has to offer and be spoiled by everything that CDL has to offer. Canninghill Piers is designed by award-winning architect Richard Roebuck & Partners, renowned for its high-end residential and commercial projects in the region. The mixed-use project will feature two retail spaces on boulevards facing Orchard Road and the Singapore River. The ground-breaking retail and restaurant space at Canninghill Piers are complemented by a series of premium restaurants and hotels across the river area.

From the outset, you’ll notice the strong influence of European design at Canninghill Piers. The ultra modern apartment buildings are set against a backdrop of extensive landscaping. The result is an extremely spacious urban landscape. A walk along the boulevards will give you a feel for Singapore’s riverfront culture and lifestyle. You’ll also be able to take a quick peek into the Orchard District Public Library, Singapore Botanic Gardens, the YMCA and Singapore Science Centre.

Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021
Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

The mixed-use project encompasses retail, restaurant and hotel space, all connected via escalators, all linked to the elevators that run from ground level to the top floors at Canninghill Piers. The design provides an impressive impression with large glass panels that extend out onto the pedestrian mall. In total there are 5 floors and over twice as many escalators. The floor plan incorporates both the public and private spaces beautifully.

When the construction work began for Canninghill Piers, the ground work covered approximately three hundred and fifty meters of urban area. This involved the construction of bridges and tunnels to connect the various levels. It also involved clearing a four hundred meter wide asphalt plain, which is surrounded by buildings and shops on all sides. The comprehensive project at Canninghill Piersresulted in the building of over five hundred and fifty buildings and a further two hundred and fifty tunnels.

There are two major projects included in this floor plan at Canninghill Piers. The first is the condominium tower at the lower end of the project. This tower is topped by a twenty-storey apartment block. The second project is the Retail Parkside, an eight storey-tower building. Both offer a complete solution to the growing demands of the Central Business District.

The architects behind this project at Canninghill Piers have taken great care to create a dynamic and lively interior. The retail areas at Canninghill Piersare arranged in an innovative manner to compliment the skyscrapers. The ground floor offers a mixture of boutiques, restaurants and coffee shops. The top floor is mainly dedicated to hotels, banks and other leading businesses. Each floor has a conference room and media room. There is an elevator that connects all floors.

Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021
Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

The architect at Canninghill Piers has designed the project to incorporate some of the most innovative technology and designs. This includes cutting-edge lighting and ventilation systems, high speed internet access and a state of the art conference centre. The building also incorporates some remarkable structural features, which include elevators that will allow easier access to all floors. The architect has also planned an artificial river that will connect all floors and provide a unique experience. The project will also have retail space on the ground floor and a ground floor supermarket.

Canninghill Piers truly embodies the essence of contemporary living. Canninghill Piers designers have managed to design an exceptionally fluid building that offers a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Canninghill Piers project promises to be a very impressive and technologically advanced tower that will soon become one of the most sought after properties in the city. The design is entirely flexible and allows for any type of design aesthetic desired. The floor plan is designed around two major hubs; an ultra-modern lobby that will feature both an Apple Store and an Apple Gallery, while the lower level will feature a mixture of restaurants, boutiques, shopping centres and other retail offerings.

Located just across the water from Sentosa, Canninghill Piers Singapore is a highly sought after residential property. The development is made up of eight luxury apartment buildings and a tower comprised of high-rise towers. The developer for Canninghill Piers behind the project is the Malaysian conglomerate, Tianti Asan International. Located next to the prestigious Sentosa Island, Canninghill Piers boasts of a skyline that never fails to impress, with the exception of the monsoons.

Canninghill Piers Singapore is an apartment complex that contains a wide selection of luxury apartments, villas, and condos in all price ranges. Located next to fine restaurants and other dining establishments, the apartment complex offers residents the chance to enjoy fine dining at one of the nearby restaurants or bars. If that’s not enough, the villas and condos are just as convenient to get away from it all with their private swimming pools, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities. Each unit also boasts its own private swimming pool and gym.

One of the most impressive features of the apartment complex is the fact that the majority of the units are condominiums located close to the ground level of the buildings, which means residents will be able to look directly at the beach. Canninghill Piers Residents will also benefit from having numerous elevators and stairs that lead straight to the beach. Canninghill Piers Residents can walk to the elevator to get out of the apartment and straight into the water. Residents have access to all of the building’s amenities, including the club and swimming pool. The apartment also has an attached garage that serves as an entryway to the rest of the complex.

Canninghill Piers Singapore Condo by CDL offers a floor plan that highlights the uniqueness of the design. Located on an eight-story building, the tower that stands at the top of the building is comprised of eight floors. Each floor of the eight-story building is composed of a single story that stands separately from the rest. This is different from other Singapore Ranches that features two stories in the same building but share a common top level. Each floor of the apartment complex also has its own entrance that is open to the pool area, a fitness center, a lounge, and a pool bar.

Another feature of the apartment is its location near entertainment venues. Most residents of Canninghill Piers 1988 Singapore are eager visitors to the nearby entertainment and dining spots such as the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the American Club, and the McDonald’s restaurant. Residents can easily visit all of these establishments and get good deals on tickets and food. Residents of the apartment are also able to get to work quickly and conveniently through the efficient transport system that connects Boulevard 1988 to the city centre. The rapid transport system allows residents to travel to all of the business and shopping areas of the city.

Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021
Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

Amenities that are offered to residents of Canninghill Piers Singapore condos include a one-room kitchen with two to three units of seating at the counter, a bathroom, a large sitting area, and a residents’ lounge or living area adjacent to the kitchen. Canninghill Piers kitchen of the apartment is fully equipped with all of the kitchen appliances that any smart home owner would use. Canninghill Piers residents’ lounge or living area has soft furniture, a television set, a mini-fridge, and a microwave. There are also several computers, an internet access point, and a phone with voice mail available.

Amenities that are offered to apartment dwellers of Canninghill Piers Singapore are quite comprehensive. All Canninghill Piers residents of this luxury apartment community receive high-speed internet service provided by a cable connection. Residents are also provided with a high-speed cellular telephone with voice mail. The swimming pool of the community is considered one of the best in the city. There are also fireplaces and balconies, and a heated swimming pool. Pool decks are available for renting.

Amenities and features at Canninghill Piers are just part of what is offered to residents of Canninghill Piers Singapore condos. This high-end apartment community offers residents the convenience of conveniently shopping in an outdoor mall and having access to numerous dining options within walking distance. There are also numerous health clubs, boutiques, spas, beauty shops, movie theatres, and more within walking distance of the residents’ apartments. Amenities and features are what make these apartment communities on the rise in Singapore.

“Canninghill Piers Singapore condo by CDL is an attractive freehold property situated in the centre of Orchard Road, right in the midst of luxury. Canninghill Piers prime location is at Canning Lane, adjacent to Taman Harum and Cui behai. Be surrounded by a myriad of high-class shopping options, be spoilt with what Canninghill Piers has to provide. From retail to eating establishments to entertainment hubs near to Canninghill Piers, this is one of Singapore’s most popular avenues. Offering limitless potential, the area has been constantly transformed into a hotspot for commercial activity and has now become one of Singapore’s best kept secrets.

Located within close proximity to major hotels such as the Raffles Hotel and Singapore Health Care Place, this building has been purposely designed as a hub at Canninghill Piers. And why not? With its layout, traffic flow and proximity to the many fine attractions of Orchard Road itself, the area has all the makings of an exciting retail haven. As well as the many cafes and restaurants on the ground floor, there are a number of retail outlets spread across the top two floors fpr Canninghill Piers, including prominent shops like Madam Tia’s and Papi & Chinedu’s. Down below, you’ll find a bustling street market bustling with a host of vendors selling everything from knickknacks to fresh fruits.

With two floors dedicated solely to exclusive shops, you’ll never be short of choices when it comes to shopping at Canninghill Piers. The boutique-style interior exudes the same energy and vibrancy found inside the building itself. Stately interior chairs and tables stack up against the plush interior of the store, allowing you to take in the sights of the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood while enjoying your purchases at Canninghill Piers.

Orchard Road Shopping Center is the place to go if you are looking for something a little different. Established in 1970, the centre has swiftly become one of Singapore’s favourite hotspots. It features many independent stores selling a variety of locally-produced goods. For those who wish to get away from the maddening crowds, you’ll find an array of second-hand shops as well as a wide range of gift stores. Of course, there’s no escaping the numerous food stalls – here you’ll find everything from street hawkers to internationally acclaimed chefs.

Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021
Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

Of course, nothing can beat the charm of Orchard Road itself. As you might expect, this area of town is synonymous with the most popular tourist attractions. A trip to this part of town will allow you to walk away with some lovely souvenirs. Orchard Road boasts a number of museums as well as a big festival that took place on the last Friday of every month. Of course, this is another great reason to visit this part of town. You’ll find great entertainment and food at almost every turn.

This area of town is well-known for its food. While there are dozens of restaurants serving all kinds of tastes and budgets, the best thing about Orchard Road is that it’s very easy to get food when you need it. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking space or fighting the crowds. With the new MRT station opening soon, it may even be easier to get your way around town. The transportation system has already proven to be a big boon to the elderly, people with disabilities and the infirm.

Regardless, of what you might think, this part of town is very family oriented. In fact, it’s home to many families with children. This aspect of Orchard Road makes it an attractive place to buy a house. As long as you’re willing to put in a little work, you should have no trouble getting a decent deal. Take a look at the detailed maps online for more information.

The developer for Canninghill Piers is City Developments Limited. City Developments Limited, commonly known by its shortened acronym, CDL, or also called City Developments, is an internationally renowned real estate operation based in Singapore. Established in 1963, CDL initially developed residential projects in Singapore and Malaysia. With the passage of time, it has grown significantly, especially in the area of property development. It is today considered one of the largest and most reputable real estate developers in the country. It enjoys a strong market presence throughout Singapore and the neighboring regions of Borneo, Sumatra and Borneo, with several high profile projects nearing completion.

The property portfolio of City Developments Limited encompasses virtually all areas in the metropolitan area of Singapore, excluding the boundaries of its proprietary properties. The core area consists of the high-tech areas like the Central Business District (CBD), the Central Business District (CBD’s) and the popular shopping centres of Orchard Road and Oxford Street. The peripheral locations include the residential areas of Ann Siang Road, leisurely Village in the north, the Punjabi Settlement in the west and the Yean Eung Road in the east. CDL is also involved in the construction of hotels and shopping complexes in the peripheral areas. The major segment of the commercial properties handled by City Developments Limited includes flats, townhouses, villas and mid-market buildings.

A majority of the properties managed by City Developments Limited are retail space. These include major establishments such as the flagship Singapore Exchange (predominantly a food marketplace), Lifestyle, Langstroth and many others. The majority of the units under the categories of Retail Space, Office Space and Commercial Properties belong to the major residential areas in Singapore, namely the country’s best known areas – New York City, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. These offer great convenience for commuters, offering multi-storey buildings at affordable prices and good facilities. They also have good connectivity with the rest of the metropolitan area through buses, trams, ferries and light rail.

Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021
Canninghill Piers Location at Orchard Road by CDL New Condo in 2021

City Developments Limited also manages commercial properties, predominantly on the basis of the real estate industry. These are apartments, offices and warehouses located in prime locations in the city. These offer good and reliable access to the commercial centres and the metropolitan centre. They are leased on the basis of long-term contracts with the proprietors.

An important aspect of City Developments Limited’s management strategy is its strategy of investing in and managing its own portfolio of real estate properties. This enables it to keep a strong hold on its properties, through effective management and monitoring. It has made this method its core business, in keeping with its commitment to developing and managing all types of properties. In addition, the company undertakes to maintain and strengthen its standing in the various property development industries, such as hospitality, industrial and property.

City Developments Limited offers a complete package of services to its clients. Among these is its real estate management services for all their property transactions. These include acquisition of land and development of the land, its effective utilization and development of the property to make it productive, through its successful structuring and redesigning. These are followed by the erection of buildings and other infrastructure facilities and financing the works. They also provide legal assistance to their clientele in terms of ensuring that they follow the various laws pertaining to the property they are purchasing and leasing. They take care of all the legal aspects of the transaction.

City Developments Limited also provides a complete package of services related to residential properties. These include construction and design of the property, including its location, the utilities installed on it, the structure and the amenities to be provided. All the necessary regulatory and licensing norms are complied in respect of the property concerned, to ensure its compliance with the municipal and state building regulations. Apart from all this, they also help their clients in acquiring and leasing new property, thereby increasing the revenues of the client.

City Developments Limited has a team of talented professionals and experts at its disposal. The consultants of the company are proficient in their respective fields of expertise and have extensive experience in the field of property management and design. They assist the clients in every step of the process and make sure that the process is smoothly executed by the development company. They are available at your service at any time of the day and are devoted to making your dreams come true.