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Jade Scape Former Shunfu Ville Enbloc Site Plan and Floor Plans

Jade Scape is the most recent condominium by QingJian realty. It will be located along Shunfu Road in Singapore. It is about 200 meters away from its nearest MRT station which is the Marymount MRT Station. The area where Jade Scape Shunfu Ville will be built used to be Shunfu Ville which was previously owned by the Housing and Urban Development Company (HUDC) but they sold it to Qingjian when the previous owners accepted the offer. Jade Scape is said to house approximately 1000 units. They look to cater newlywed couples looking for their first home near Shunfu Road and the Marymount MRT Station.

Jade Scape Qingjian Realty Former Shunfu Ville Enbloc

There are also quite a few shopping centers near Jade Scape Qingjian Realty. One would be Junction 8 Shopping Centre. It is a pretty famous shopping center which is located near the Bishan MRT Interchange. It has a lot of stores inside as well as some popular retail and entertainment places for the residents living around the area. Junction 8 went through an expansion process due to more people living in the Bishan area. Another shopping center near Jade Scape is the Thomson Plaza. Residents near the Thomson area and Marymount often visit here. Walking to this place would take just a few minutes of your time. Thomson Plaza offers a wide range of stores and has a few anchor tenants as well.

Jade Scape Showflat and Prices at Marymount MRT Station

Qingjian Realty began its operations around 1952. They have projects all around Asia particularly in China and in Singapore. It is one of the best real estate companies in China and has been name part of the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” for the past 14 years. They began building in Singapore since 1999 and has garnered awards both in China and Singapore. They plan to accommodate the living needs of the people of Singapore and to build Smart houses as well.

Jade Scape will have a lot of facilities in which the tenants can use freely. A swimming pool, an indoor gym as well as an outdoor gym, Tennis courts are just some of the facilities that the residents of Jade Scape can experience. Raffles Institution which is one of Singapore’s most elite schools is just a few minutes away from Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Enbloc. It received the Ministry of Education’s School Excellence award recently. They offer a 6 year Program where students go through the GCE “A” Level without having to take the “O” levels. Many famous Singaporeans went to school here and there vision is to really bring out the potential of their students. There are also different schools like Catholic High School located near Jade Scape Condo . Whitley Secondary School is another school near Jade Scape.

Jade Scape Register Interest and Location Map

People will really like living in Jade Scape location as it is only about 200 meters away from the Marymount MRT Station. There are a lot of buses that pass through Marymount Road and Shunfu Road so commuting to the Central business District won’t be a problem. So travelling around Singapore can be very convenient for the future residents of Jade Scape enbloc. So all in all, the people behind Jade Scape really want the residents to live a life full of pleasure and comfort when they decide to stay in Jade Scape.

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The Verandah Residences Pasir Panjang Colonial House Concept

Singapore is one of the best developed cities and is widely considered to be the financial hub of Asia. As a result real estate in Singapore is in demand with prices increasing. One of the better options for real estate investors in Singapore is the newly launched condo project of Oxley Holding limited named The Verandah Residences Pasir Panjang at 231, Pasir Pajang road in the south west area. While most construction in Singapore is on leasehold land leased from the government for a period of 99 years, the new project is one the few freehold plots available in the area, and is a better investment in the long term.

The Verandah Residences Colonial Houses Concept at Pasir Panjang

The plot at land for Verandah Residences Colonial House was acquired by Oxley Holdings Ltd through Oxley Amber, its fully owned subsidiary from Casuarina properties in July 2017 for a consideration of Singapore $121 million. Oxley Holdings started as a small real estate business in Singapore in 2008 and has quickly expanded to more than 12 countries worldwide including Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Kingdom, and Australia. The company is involved in the construction of a large number of residential, commercial and industrial projects in Singapore and elsewhere. It is also involved in project management and offers consultancy services.

The Verandah Residences Black And White Building

The Verandah Residences is located in district 5 of Singapore in the Pasir Panjang area close to the Jurong central business district. The plot has a site area of 89620 square feet and a gross floor area of 125468 square feet. While the number of blocks and storeys have not been finalized, approximately 170 residential units are being planned. The Verandah Residences units will be of different sizes ranging from smaller 1 bedroom units to larger 4 bedroom units and strata landed house. There will be advertisements technology for the development at Pasir Panjang. All the luxury amenities like clubhouse, function room, swimming pool, play area, jogging track are being planned for the apartment complex, with design integrating the traditions and history of the area.

The Verandah Residences Freehold Condo Pasir Panjang

The Verandah Residences Freehold Development Pasir Panjang area is conveniently located, close to the Pasir Panjang MRT on the circle line and Haw Par Villa MRT station which are only a few minutes away, allowing the residents of the area to reach any other part of Singapore quickly. The west coast area of the country was developed on reclaimed land, and more people are shifting to the area as it is close to Jurong Central Business District. The Verandah Residences Oxley Holdings is close to the West Coast road and Ayer Rajar Expressway allowing people to reach any part of the city conveniently. There are also many buses operating along the roads.

The West Coast plaza, with a number of shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities is located close to the planned residential complex. The National University of Singapore located at Clementi is close by, making renting flats easier. Purchasing a flat is the ideal real estate investment for golf lovers as Keppel Golf links, Green Fairways Golf course, Yugi and Sentosa Golf club are near the freehold condo land. Nature lovers can enjoy greenery at the West Coast Park and Green Ridge park. Bike trails in the area include Chestnut Nature park and Bukit Timah MTB trail are suitable for fitness enthusiasts.

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Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh MRT Station Singapore

A new development called park colonial is happening opposite Woodleigh MRT station. It is a venture by CEL Unique Development on a prime city plot. The plot of land, which is 631,212 square feet, cost a whopping $700.7 million which can be translated to mean each square feet per plot was bought at $1,110. CEL Development which is partnership between KSH holdings, Chip Eng Seng Corp. acquired the piece of land after tough bidding which attracted all the big wigs in the real estate and even foreigners. The total bids submitted were 15 in number including from city Development Limited. The high prices and stiff bidding is a clear indication that developer value the plots within that location. The construction is expected to go 16 storeys and hold estimated 735 units. Park colonial has its unique qualities and characteristics that make it a place to want to live.

Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station Singapore

First, park colonial development plan has various facilities that make it to be a dream place. Anyone who loves to workout will not need to go looking for a gym elsewhere for it has an available one indoors. It is also at the convenience of busy time schedule of the working class. It is every parents wish that the kid play in a safe ground and this has been accommodated in the sites plan with a children’s playground. There is also a 50m swimming pool for the residents to enjoy. Security has not been left out in the plan with a guard house also located in the grounds. Functional room, cub house , tennis court and sun deck will also be included. There will be advertisement links on technology in the development and therefore advertisements for Park Colonial will be available soon. The condos will include all the entertainment needs of any family than indulges in various entertainment activities. This attractive site at the heart of Woodleigh will also offer a great view of the of the landed sites around.

Park Colonial Condo CEL Unique Development Advertisements

This site is also located at the convenience of malls and transportation. There are a number of shopping centers around. The Upcoming and avenue shoppes at MRT station Potong Pasir are good examples. Nex Shopping mall which is in Serangoon MRT station is only one drive away. In transportation, for those who love to use MRT, will have easy access to both Woodleigh MRT Station as well North East lines. They will also be connected to other Singapore places like Bueno Vista, Farrer Road, Marina Bay, Botanic Gardens and Harbour Front. It is also ideally located for those who love to use buses. Buses are available on Bartley road, Aljunied road as well as along Serangoon road.

Technology for Park Colonial Condo Woodleigh MRT Station

The park colonial condos will also have access to other special amenities. Civil Defense shelter for emergency situations is available at Woodleigh station. It is fitted with blast protection doors, ventilation system, water and electricity supply and more emergency situation requirements. Schools are also available around this place notably Cedar girls secondary school . This school was established in 1957 and is well re-known for its holistic approach to education.

The partners in this project are also one of the kind and therefore will play a key role in the success of the project. Heeton holdings are experts in real estate development have their focus on international standards. Currently they have no comparison in Singapore and have developed various residential projects in Singapore districts. Chip Eng Seng, a company founded in 1960s, is a house hold name in real estate in Singapore. They have received various awards for their work and partnered with various foreign funds to make expand their activities. KSH Holding has its operation in various continents and has a well-established track record. It has been involved in construction of residential buildings, commercial buildings and major institution. The combination of expertise and experience of this three willdefinately lead to success of this project. Park colonial is going to be one of the biggest stylish undertakings in Singapore.

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The Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development

Because the higher level of confidence shown in buying the plot of the Woodleigh Residences development, it is expected that the property will be a hot cake for many customers. The official pricing for the various units of the development have not been released but it is widely expected to be within the ranges that give customers value for their money.
As I had already mentioned, the project name is the Woodleigh Residences and the developer is Singapore Press Holdings and Kajima Development. The locational address of the development is Upper Serangoon Road in District 13.

The Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development

In terms of the Site area and Gross Floor area for the Woodleigh Residences development, it is 273,842 sqft and 957,187 sqft respectively. The number of blocks and storeys are yet to be known, pending advice. The numbers of units are just about 825.

Like all other sensible developments, the location of the Woodleigh Residences Kajima Development was a major factor considered by the investors and also the developers. Meaning the location for the Woodleigh Residences, which was chosen, offers the best conveniences and services to aid your happy stay in and within the area.
There are the Woodleigh Bus Interchange and Woodleigh MRT station for your transport needs. For shopping requirements there are the Next Shopping Mall, the Poiz Centre and the Venue Shoppes among other malls and shopping centers.

Tired of shopping? Want some rest in the park? Take a stroll or jog in Bidadari Park, along its awesome lake that portrays the beauty of the Bidadari estate. Listen to the singing birds, catch a glimpse of the hornbills and stay attuned with nature. Simply relax and catch yourself in this beautiful Bidadari Park. The developers have thought it all.

The Woodleigh Residences Singapore Press Holdings

For your family’s educational needs, there are a number of educational institutions available. Some of the institutions include Maris Stella High School (Both primary and Secondary), Cedar Primary and Secondary School and Stanford American International School.

The Woodleigh Residences site plan accommodates a number of facilities. Some of the facilities include; indoor gym, tennis court, children playground, swimming pool and BBQ. These facilities are meant for your comfy stay within the development.

Furthermore, the Woodleigh Residences overlook two important developments, that is the new Bidadari Estate and of course the Luxurious Woodleigh. Summing it up, an environment that is truly exclusive and tranquil awaits you.

The Woodleigh Residences Mix Development Woodleigh MRT Station

The Woodleigh Residences has a number of floor plans available for the various units to be built. The variation in the floor plans means you will be in a better position to cherry-pick the one which very well fits the needs of your family. The floor plans are for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units.

Additionally, the Woodleigh Residences has two different types of fronting; that is the Bartley Road facing and Upper Aljunied Road Facing. As is the common practice and a guideline, 6th floor units and above must get an unblocked view of the environs. Lastly, if you need to see the floor plans and further information regarding the units, that can be availed to you upon request.

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Advertising Technology in Real Estate Condo in Singapore

It is a fact beyond any questioning that a huge section of the customers is spending a greater period of time in activities which involve digital communications. This phenomenon is ultimately influencing the financial plans of advertising companies to increase their spending on digital media. The complex infrastructure of the labyrinth that is interconnecting all the digital advertising companies producing and distributing ads to the consumers is surely astonishing. The term “Advertising Technology” or “Ad Tech” in short, is used to define such companies.

Advertising Technology in Real Estate Condo in Singapore

All such advertising associations act as transitional agencies that link between them advertising and publishing groups. They also provide additional value to the process of delivering ads to final consumers in several ways:
•Building up reservoir with itemization
•Mechanizing the flow of work
•Contributing to accurate target accomplishment, etc.
As a study conducted by Intelligence of Business Insider previewed, the amount of money spent on new innovations like automating the process of purchasing ads in digital advertising field in the US is rising rapidly. During the year of 2017, it reached US$20 Billion and might increase to top US$38.5 Billion by the year of 2020, as projected. There are many websites available for new condo launches in Singapore in areas such as the city area as well as Queenstown.

As we know, nothing is absolutely perfect. This uprising industry of digital advertising is not only improving and reaching new innovative levels of programmatic ad technology, it has certain defects as well. The ad tech associations of America is literally ruled by a couple of social media, Google and Facebook. Because of this ruling, each ad tech competitor is battling over obtaining a place of their own in this gigantic virtual world of digital media.

Digital Media Ad Technology in Singapore Properties

Another study result from the same source showed that the traditional way of advertising anything, whether it is a consumer’s product or organization, even educational institutes, and hospitals, etc. has been gradually shifting to this virtual media. Any particular advertisement is most probably getting more viewers than that which is published in TV or newspapers. The consumer-groups is spending more time on their phones than watching tv or reading newspaper, as everything is packed and piled up inside this small device known as a “Smartphone”. This is also the main reason behind the greater influence of various social media on controlling the ad tech industry. For Singapore new launches, there are many websites for Singapore Real estate projects available.

Internet Media Advertisements Technology for Singapore New Condo Launches

As assumed, in next few years, the following changes will be noticed in digital advertising industry due to on-going programmatic advertising technology that is consuming the big competitors of ad tech very quickly:
•The largest merchandise for ads will be mobile phones, especially smartphones, by the end of the current decade. •A relatively tiny bunch of ad techs will result in spending the major amount of money in digital ad buying process with Google and Facebook in the US
•There could be an opposite the, where several companies except for the present duo play that gaining maturity in the ad tech industry will be prompted for pulling off their investment out of the digital advertising field.
•In next few years, a large number of ad tech companies might leave the market as not being able to stand the battle
•The rapidly increasing portion of the digital media might be taking benefits of some particular forms of digital advertising such as videos, Tv-channels, and mostly cellphone companies, etc.
With no surprise, people are being attracted more and more towards the digital media. Anything that seeks the attention of consumers will sooner or later, attempt to obtain a space for themselves in that area. The Digital advertising business in the US is no exception and surely will undergo larger changes with newer forms of digital advertising by the year of 2020.

New Launch Project, Real Estate

Martin Modern Condo Guocoland Location

Martin Modern is a condo geographically situated in the prime district not far from Orchard in Singapore. The property is to be developed by GuocoLand, and the lease tenure of the property is for a period of 99 years. The property will contain 2 blocks, 30 stories, and 450 units after completion.

Why Martin Modern?

There are a whole lot of benefits to be enjoyed by the residents of Martin Condo, some of which include the following:

Great locations in Martin Modern Condo

The property is situated in the heart of CBD which is gradually becoming one of the most sought after locations in Singapore due to some iconic developments such as the upcoming Great World City MRT Station and the Fort Canning Station.

Close proximity to retail outlets

The property shares close proximity to exotic retail outlets where residents can visit to buy whatever they need.

Easy to connect other areas

Martin Condo is located in the heart of CBD where residents can easily connect to neighbouring cities and other parts of Singapore.

Public transport network Near to Martin Modern

The property is situated very close to the Great World City MRT Station, and with this, residents can have an easy access to public buses to move around.


The property is also located very close schools such as the River Valley Primary School, and a few others. With this, residents with little kids do not have to send their children to schools located far away.

Private space in Martin Modern Condo Guocoland

The property is designed in such a way that residents will have a relaxing landscape of their own where they and their families can enjoy nature at its best.

Posh restaurants in Robertson Quay

Martin Condo located right next to Robertson Quay where you will find posh restaurants that serve Western, Indian, and Thai cuisine.

All these and lots more are some of the reasons why Martin Modern by GuocoLand is the perfect place to be in Singapore for all kinds of families.

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Jui Residences Freehold Condo by Selangor

Jui Residences, formerly the National Water Company building, is a freehold development found in 1177-Serangoon Road. The residences whose developer is Selangor Dredging was acquired for $47 million. It’s a shopping center that is part of the Venue Residences .Located just a couple of minutes away from Jui Residences, Venue Shoppes contains 28 retail outlets where shoppers can buy food and beverages as well as other conveniences.

Jui Residences at 1177 Serangoon Road

The residential apartment is composed of facilities such as swimming pool, function room, children’s playground, tennis court, BBQ pits, an indoor gym, function room, club house and guard house. Located right in the middle of Potong Pasir and near Potong Pasir MRT station, Jui residences has an unblocked view of Kallang River. The development is also located close to commercial shops and eateries found along the Moonstone and Ruby Lanes. Jui residences offers a wide range of shopping and entertainment experience for you and your friends just at your fingertips. A luxurious, unique and serene lifestyle awaits you in Jui Residences, right at the heart of Potong Pasir.

Jui Residences Selangor Dredging

Residents of Jui Residences have a chance of owning a top quality city-fringe freehold development in Potong Pasir. A lot of leasehold developments are being launched within the surrounding vicinity and therefore the price of most leasehold’s might reduce as they age or as their lease begins to expire. Note that age won’t affect Jui Residences because it’s a freehold development.
Its unique location just right next to the Central Expressway Intersection i.e. CTE and Pan-Island Expressway i.e. PIE means that car owners residing in Jui will find it convenient to travel to Changi Airport, Orchard, Woodlands and Jurong business district within minutes.

Jui Residences Freehold Condo

Jui Residences is located near elite schools such as:
· St. Andrew’s Junior College
St. Andrews has a primary and secondary school. Learners are also provided with two-year pre university courses. The elite school which provides high quality education including Cambridge GCE advanced-level exams is known to perform exceptionally in co-curricular activities.
· Cedar Girl’s Secondary School
This autonomous girls’ school offers learners a six year Integrated Program that can lead to A-Levels or Baccalaureate Diploma. Potong Pasir is found in the central area of Singapore and it’s one of the most sought-after residential estates in Singapore.

New Launch Project, Real Estate

Twin Vew Condo Jurong East China Construction Group

The Twin Vew residential building in Singapore is a major investment in the city area. It is being built by the China Construction Development Ltd company. The developer won a 99 year lease-hold on the property. By bidding $292 million for the development, China Construction Development Ltd beat 8 other bidders to win the contract. Twin Vew condos is located right next to the Jurong Lake District. The interest showed by investors indicates the overall optimism about the real estate market in Singapore. Interestingly, the Twin Vew condos was among the most hotly contested real estate projects in the Government Land Sales Programme. Its attractiveness is boosted by the fact that it is close to a variety of urban centers. Examples of these are the Westgate Shopping Centre, Jem shopping mall and Jurong High Speed Railway Terminus. Read on to learn more about Twin Vew condos.

Twin Vew China Construction Group South Pacific

This development is officially known as the Twin Vew Condos project. It is a residential complex that is located at the West Coast Vale. The China Construction Development Co. Pte Ltd is in charge of construction. They won the contract and a 99 year lease on the project. The Twin Vew condo complex is located in the D05 district and has a Gross Floor Area of 45, 860 sqm. Estimates indicate that the selling price tag in the Twin Vew building is $1,200 psf. In addition to that, there will be a total of 520 units in this building after construction is complete. There are advertisement technology in digital websites as well as generic websites advertising for Twin Vew located at West Coast Vale. These advertisement technology are catching up with traditional form of marketing such as flyers and cold calling.

Twin Vew is a superb investment opportunity for all investors who are interested in a building which is located in a serene and secluded area. Moreover, it is ideal for those interested in a building that is located just a few minutes from the Jurong Central Business District. It is also very close to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. As such, residents of the Twin Vew can easily get cars to travel to the city whenever they want.

Twin Vew Condo West Coast Vale China Construction

From a group of 9 companies, the China Construction Development (South Pacific) Co. Pte. Ltd won the contract to build the Twin Vew. They did so by bidding 291,990,000. Once the residence is completed, it is expected to cost between $1,200 and $1,300 psf (per square foot). The Twin Vew is nestled among other residential complexes such as the Botannia, Newest, the Infinity and Hundred Trees too. Interestingly, the prices which are indicated are actually dependent on real estate market conditions. If the land prices should increase prior to the launching of the Twin Vew Condos, the cost of these units will increase too. Twin Vew is expected to be released in late 2017 or the first few months of 2018.

The Twin Vew Condos are located at the West Coast Vale close to the Jurong East MRT Station. For residents of this complex who will desire to travel via bus, there are a number of routes located next to this residential complex which lead to other sections of Singapore. As such, this development is located in a strategic way right next to the Central Business District of Singapore. As a result, it is very much sought after since it is a condo on the fringes of the city.

Twin Vew Condo Jurong East MRT Station

This condo complex looks out over the West Coast area of Singapore. This is a luxurious section of the city. According to the site plan, the units in the building will allow residents of various ages to gain access to a variety of facilities. For more details on the site plan, it is helpful to simply visit the Twin Vew website. Residents of this complex will gain access to facilities such as a tennis court, swimming pool, BBQ area, children’s playground and indoor gym too. While living in the Twin Vew condos, one can enjoy a truly luxurious lifestyle.

There is a variety of floor plans for the Twin Vew condos. They are developed in such a way that they fit the needs of families in a specific way. There are 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses available for people in the Twin Vew residential development. Today, these units face either the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) or the West Coast Vale. In addition to that, all units that are located above the 6th floor can get a very clear view of these locations. Some units have split levels as well. Any extra information about floor plans can be sourced by simply contacting the Twin Vew China Development Company.

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Top Bid for Rivercove Residences Hoi Hup EC

Short for encumbrance certificate, the Riverside Residence EC was won by Hoi Hup Realty Pte and Sunway Developments. It is located on Anchorvale Lane near Sengkang MRT which is a prime location for those in search of condos as it is in close proximity to several amenities. To begin with, there is Layar LRT station Fernvale, the Iconic Compass One shopping center where residents can obtain their daily necessities and the Seletar Mall which is perfect for the young and outgoing residents. The development is also a few minutes from the Sengkang Sports complex which features 4 swimming pools, a gym, a dance studio and a tennis court making it ideal for those who are into sports and fitness, and a stone throw away from Nan Chiau School which is the most sought after school in Singapore.

Top Bid From Hoi Hup Realty for Rivercove Residences

Rivercove Residence EC Hoi Hup Realty is positioned to be a premier development given the astronomical demand for ECs in Singapore. This EC is located on Anchorvale Lane, has a tenure of 99 years, and will be developed by Hoi Hup Realty alongside Sunway Developments. The structure is expected to have 30 stories and approximately 635 units. However, the number of blocks is yet to be decided. The site area is approximately 21104.6² meters, with the floor area calculated to be 63,043.8² meters. The development faces Sengkang Riverside Park which is ideal for family time. The top bid came from Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments. Rivercove EC is a new development located at Sengkang. Rivercove Residences is a highly sought after development in the Northeast area.

Rivercove Residences Top Bid Singapore by Hoi Hup

As for the site and floor plans, they are just exquisite. The development is set to feature a swimming pool, an indoor gym, a tennis court, a children’s playground, and a barbecue area. The units are designed such that they are all facing the Sengkang Riverside Park, as well as the Sungei Punggol but away from the LRT station. This is set to reduce noise and offer you a luxurious resort lifestyle. Riverside Residence EC is set to boast 3, 4 and 5 bedroom units with 2 types of facing. The Sengkang West Avenue facing, and the Sengkang West Way facing, and being an epic development, and the highest in the area, units from the 6th floor are set to have a delightful, clear view.

Rivercove Anchorvale Lane

Being a monumental development, the price per square feet is not expected to be cheap. And rightfully so, considering the location and amenities included in the development. Hoi Hup and Sunway Developments placed the highest bid for the EC of S$240.95 million. This placed the price per square foot at S$335. Hoi Hup Realty is yet to release an indicative pricing but it’s expected that upon completion, the price will be in the S$800 to S$900 range per square foot.

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New Launch Project

Parc Botania Wee Hur Development and Sing Development

Parc Botania consists of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th bedroom units available. Typically, there are two main types of facing which is Sengkang West. Way or the Fernvale street facing. As an excellent general guide, units on the 6th floor and above are capable of getting an unblock view. At pack Botania there is almost all sort of human service utility. Various facilities including a swimming pool indoor gym, children Playing ground and tennis court. A truly luxurious resort lifestyle for one and the family at pack Botania. The advancement site-plan will be extremely noteworthy with. Its full apartment suite highlights. Inhabitants will get the opportunity to appreciate a lap pool, kids’ pool, indoor exercise center, play area, BBQ Pits, 24-hour security, a storm cellar auto stop and childcare on the improvement itself. All of the units available will be furnished with extravagant.

Parc Botania Thanggam LRT Station

Parc Botania Condo is created by a joint type of venture that is well-renowned designers Sing Holdings as well as Wee Hur. Both the engineers have a fantastic track of records. The Sing Holdings being the designer and the Wee Hur are being development organization. Sing Holdings has broad involvement in the improvement field with great track records on elite activities. Parc Botania purchasers can be guaranteed of the immortal outline for the significant development, with an open and productive design.

Parc Botania Sing Development is situated in central District 28 that is at the intersection of Fernvale the main Road and also the Fernvale Lane. The Fernvale Lane will be a recently developed. The street which connects to the Jalan Kayu. Having its site all around situated alongside the Thanggam LRT, only a single stop away that will get one to The Seletar Mall, three stops will enable one to get into the Sengkang General as well as the Community main Hospital and Four stops which will get one to the central Sengkang MRT. For the Seletar shopping Mall and Compass One house numerous amenities, restaurants, and stores which are of large brands. Inhabitants can likewise go for a short walk to the acclaimed Jalan Kayu in Singapore for incredible nourishments. For residents who appreciate outside, can likewise get around efficiently to the central Sengkang Riverside Park for a ride around the renowned Sengkang And the Park connector or Coney Island that is a short five mins head out. Occupants who drive can likewise get to main the Marina Bay Financial region or on the Orchard Road Shopping Belt on the closest five mins drive .), This is a close prompts the other major interstates.

Parc Botania Wee Hur Development Fernvale Road

Parc Botania is a joint venture by Sing Development and Wee Hur Development which is spread across 17,196 square meters. Being located in vicinity of many eateries nearby Fernvale road, Parc Botania Wee Hur has approximately 605 residential units. Some of the popular landmarks near Parc Botania include Nan Chiau High School which is a leading educational institution in Singapore. The Jalan Kayu Eateries next to Parc Botania Sengkang is popular among residents of Sengkang for its meals, especially Breakfast and Supper. Other popular sites near Parc Botania include The Seletar Mall, Sengkang Sports and Recreation Center.

Parc Botania located in D28 district has a leasehold of 99 years. This developmental project is located at Sengkang West way at District 28 next to Thanggam LRT station. Parc Botania has drawn huge attention from residents of Fernvale road due to its exquisite location which provide its residents a short reach to popular eateries as well as shopping mall.

Being located in a key location within Singapore, residents of Parc Botania Sengkang MRT Station will have easy access to various shopping malls which are present in its vicinity. These shopping malls include Compass point, Rivervale mall, Fernvale Point and Seletar Mall. Transportation won’t be a problem for Parc Botania’s residents as they will be able to utilize Sengkang MRT station as well Thanggam LRT station for travelling purposes. There are many eateries present along Jalan Kayu Road. Well known schools like Sengkang Green Primary School, Pei Hwa Secondary school, Nan Chiau Primary as well as secondary school are present in neighbourhood of Parc Botania.

Parc Botania Sing Development Jalan Kayu

Parc Botania is a self-sufficient residential complex which aims to provide its resident high class facilities. It has a whole range of amenities starting from swimming pool to BBQ area. Parc Botania is also equipped with superior quality Indoor Gym, tennis court as well as playground for kids. One can truly experience a luxurious resort like lifestyle in Parc Botania especially in locality of Fernvale. The swimming pool in Parc Botania is planned to be a full size one of 50 meters where residents will have luxury to relax themselves after work. Apart from that, a function room will be present to organize family events and giving the residents an opportunity to socialize completely.
Parc Botania promises to have wide variety of floor plans for its residents depending on the needs of their family. It has 1, 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom units available. Mostly the units have two types of facing, one being located to face Sengkang West way and other one facing the Fernvale street. Units located in 6th floor and above have an advantage of getting unblocked views.

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